New Orleans, Louisiana
March 21 - 25, 2012



Mapping the Way Forward: Influencing Client Experiences Through Service Design

Recently, service design strategies have become a popular tool for improving both the client experience and a company’s efficiency in serving clients. Several service models are available to assist designers in achieving their goals, but models are only tools in an overall process. Collaborative cooperation among designers, developers, and stakeholders is necessary to ensure you successfully implement the model’s findings.

In this presentation, we provide a case study describing how a collaborative design team used a client service ecosystem diagram to create consistent and cohesive touchpoints across multiple channels. We hope to provide attendees with an understanding of what they may encounter and how to plan for the challenges of achieving business goals while keeping focused on client touchpoints. As we explore how the design team’s structure can hinder or foster productive relationships, we argue that clearly articulated, collaborative processes allow designers to facilitate a desirable and delightful user experience.

Date & Time

Sunday, 25 March 9:30am — 9:50am


Dom La Cava


Empire II


Track 2 - Exploring and Thinking

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