New Orleans, Louisiana
March 21 - 25, 2012



Making Sense of Messy Problems: Systems Thinking for Multi-Channel UX

It’s part of our job to talk to people to figure out complex situations. To build things people love, we have to understand not only users, but also the wider context we’re working in: people, systems, structures, business models, and more. The need to think the user experience through on several channels challenges us to envision a system that is cohesive and delivers delightful experiences.

Business analysis, computer science and psychology offer different frameworks and tools to help to make sense of a messy situation, to articulate and visualize the problem. In this talk, I will present a selection of techniques that are relevant to UX, such as Soft Systems Methodology or the Business Model Canvas.

Attendees will walk away with:

  • Knowledge about systems thinking theory
  • An understanding of how systems thinking methods can be used as part of a UX process, incl. tools and techniques

Date & Time

Sunday, 25 March 8:30am — 9:15am


Johanna Kollmann


Empire II


Track 2 - Exploring and Thinking

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