New Orleans, Louisiana
March 21 - 25, 2012



Beyond channels: Context is king

When smartphones and tablets first emerged, designers focused on channel differences like screen size in order to understand the basics in this new area. It's time to set aside channel-centric planning and think of a user's context first.

Picture the customer planning their shopping list then later arriving at the store. They use their phone for both, but their needs and goals have clearly changed. Context thinking also helps us recognize when two or more channels might intersect, such as a bus stop ad with QR code and a user's phone.

Learn how emotional, social and physical contexts, as well as the context of connectivity, can help unearth smarter features and drive roadmaps for multichannel businesses and products.

Discover how to:

  • Identify the right contexts for your project
  • Lead team brainstorms for channel-agnostic solutions
  • Share context-centric strategies with clients
  • Apply that strategy to channel-specific roadmaps

Date & Time

Saturday, 24 March 9am — 9:45am


Emily Wengert


Empire III


Track 3 - Big Pictures and Powerful Details

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