New Orleans, Louisiana
March 21 - 25, 2012



10 Things we Learned from Shipping our App- Stories of Success and Failure

A tell all behind the scenes look at moving from consulting to a product company. We'll show what it's like to build your own app, discuss our design and development process, how we handle release schedules, and customer support. We'll even discuss the not so glorious side of things and how we handled them, like nearly going broke (more than once), realizing our production database is out of sync by 2 weeks, even the dumbest customers in the world, are still your customers and how you can learn from them.

Date & Time

Saturday, 24 March 11:15am — 12:00pm


Todd Zaki Warfel, Matt Ventre, William Hatch


Empire III


Track 3 - Big Pictures and Powerful Details

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